ICT solutions help a rural agency to scale

A unique, quickly growing rural agency needed scalable systems.

McCulloch Agencies is a fast-growing, family-owned stock and station agency with offices in Tamworth, Sydney and Quirindi. Owners Daniel and Karina McCulloch started the company in July 2019 to manage rural, residential and livestock assets for their customers, who are mostly farmers in the Northern NSW area.

As a rural business, McCulloch is unique in its presence in Sydney. This has allowed the agency to attract city-based Sydney residents to buy rural properties in regional NSW.

The business has grown quickly over 12 months to now employ more than a dozen staff members. To support future growth and allow their agency to swiftly take advantage of opportunities that arose, Daniel and Karina knew they’d need cohesive IT systems.

The team at Telstra Business Technology Centre Northern NSW had looked after McCulloch’s telephony since the beginning, so Daniel turned to them to explore how solutions such as Microsoft 365 could create a foundation for an efficient, scalable network.

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